A stage is the center of attention of any event solely because all that happens in the event is focused upon the stage. We at CARNATION provide you a well-decorated and vibrant stage that can immediately set a very positive perception of the event because it’s the very first item of an event We at CARNATION firmly believe that decorating the stage vividly and brightly is of immense importance as it is the place where the bride and groom are officially presented, having a beautiful stage at this moment can greatly complement to the appearance of the couple. Other than stage decorations, the seating arrangements and props such as a royal sofa setting, Moroccan lamps, and spectacular lighting display can add to the royalty and outlook of the bride and groom. At CARNATION we provide wide variety of Stage options complemented with superb floral arrangements, focused lighting and spectacular decorative panels that leave a long lasting impression on you and your guests while making your event a memorable and unforgettable one.